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Who Are We?

Pete Moss

Founder, Lead XR Engineer

Omz Velasco

Craig Blum

Derek Shiu

Founder, Creative Director

Founder, Art Manager

Founder, Technical Animator

We are Giant Cranium!

Giant Cranium is the latest brainchild of the former Unity Creative Content Studio; a team of industry veterans who collectively possess a wealth of game development experience. Our combined experience envelopes everything from Hollywood movies and AAA games, to mobile development and retro console titles.  We trail blazed through the last four years crafting dozens of projects on the cutting edge, scribing a lexicon and pipeline for this new art form called virtual and augmented reality, while pushing the quality bar to the limits.

Giant Celebration, our new VR game, is out now on Steam Early Access!

Play at human scale or shrink down to the size of a toy! Giant Celebration is a VR hidden object game with a unique scale mechanic to let you play from any point of view. Help a lost dog find its owner; Reunite a chef with his unattended food cart; Get the band back together; Search living dioramas!

  • Change scale on the fly to give a different perspective for searching in tight quarters

  • Teleport with Shrinky Blink mode, or zoom around with Smooth Locomotion

  • Built for roomscale VR, but also works well seated or standing, or forward facing for 180° setups

  • Supports SteamVR / HTC Vive and Oculus Rift


More about us...


At Unity, our teams focus was to push the limits of the engine, and create high quality demo content to be used internally for evangelism, marketing, biz dev, arch vis, R&D, as well as for our external partner clients (i.e. Microsoft, Qualcomm, nVidia, NASA, Sony, Intel, etc...).  This is a small collection of some of the work our team did on those projects


At Giant Cranium, we are a team of seasoned creatives whose mission is to be the premier content creation studio providing deeply immersive, interactive experiences.


Utilizing our combined skillsets, passion, and attention to detail, we seek to connect with our clients and community, by delivering the most creative, innovative, and awe-inspiring experiences galaxy-wide.


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